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CIAOPS.ORG.AU - is the web site for the foundation projects of the Computer Information Agency. Our main corporate web site is located at http://www.ciaops.com and our technical website is located at http://www.ciaops.net.au.

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General Interest


Amsterdam - Holland

Australian Battlefields of WWI ( France ) - It would be difficult these days to find an Australian who hasn't heard of Gallipoli. What many Australians fail to realise is that after this bitter and bloody campaign against Turkey many of these same troops were sent to France to fight on the Western Front of World War I. It is here that they made a significant contribution to the defeat of the German forces who had invaded France in 1914. It is hoped that in some small way the information presented here can provide a better idea of the contribution that these men and women made. Now that many Australians are visiting the battlefields of northern France we hope that it also serves as an informative guide to the locations and the history of the region.

CIAOPS Black and White - Black and White photographs taken of cities around the world.

Berlin - Germany

Dublin - Ireland

Edinburgh - Scotland

Geneva - Switzerland

Hong Kong - China

Investigating the Da Vinci Code - if you liked the Dan Brown novel and want to know more about the realities, mysteries and conspiracies that like behind this best selling novel we believe you will find our website on the subject of value to you.

Kyoto - Japan

Las Vegas - U.S.A.

Limerick - Ireland.

London - 5 walking tours around London.

Milan - Italy

Normandy - France. Information and images about the site of the D-Day invasion of Europe by Allied forces during World War II on the 6th of June 1944.

Paris Journal - Travel journal of 7 days spent in the city of lights, Paris.

Paris - France

New York City Update - Information about New York.

Rome - Italy

San Francisco - U.S.A.

Tokyo - Japan

Vatican - Italy

Venice - Italy


Ferrari drive day - From Sydney to Nowra and back in 4 different model Ferraris.

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